Project COLOSS

Teilnehmer Projekt Coloss

Institute Participant

Peter Neumann (President of the network)



The research network COLOSS is a group of 1000+ scientist professionals (researchers, veterinarians, extension agents, etc.) from over 90 countries that are working together to better understand honey bee health, and to prevent the high numbers of colony deaths that are occurring in many regions of the world.  COLOSS accomplishes this by coordinating international research, as well as organizing conferences, training schools, workshops, and short-term scientific missions across Europe and beyond for its members.

COLOSS also emphasizes the standardization of honey bee research methods to faciliate comparison of results among laboratories.  Recently, COLOSS members began an initiative entitled "The COLOSS BEEBOOK: standard methods for Apis mellifera research" to meet the network's goal of improved harmonization of methods.  The manual will be published in early 2013